Raspberry PI

As a birthday present I received a Raspberry PI Model B just a few days ago. This is one awesome piece of machinery! I plan on running some of my projects on the machine and make it work as some sort of server.

Right now I have installed Arch Linux as the operating system. This is a very well-written, stable and powerful OS, in which only the most necessary is installed. The OS required me to setup and install some things, but as of today it is running and open to the outside world in one specific port, where my Websocket server is listing to. I use the awesome program screen to keep the process running even after I shutdown my SSH connection.

The most awesome thing about the Raspberry PI is that I do not need anything to configure it. When it is applied to the network, I simply connect to it via SSH, and then I am able to do whatever I want on the machine.

This was a great birthday present, and I am sure that it will be very useful in many future cases.

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