New Host and Website

Recently I choose to not renew my hosting of this website, as I required myself
a VPS at back during the summer.

Since I acquired this domain I have used the hosting service of One, which for most parts has been very satisfying, as it was cheap and easy to manage. As the years has passed I have become more use to Unix system and hence decided to acquire a VPS running
Arch Linux, where I could do all sorts of stuff, and host my websites.

Due the host move I quickly looked at the source code of my website and decided to do a makeover. Hence has been rewritten from scratch, using a lot of nice libraries.

I have set up a gitolite repository on my VPS, which runs a post-receive script, whenever I push code to a specific branch. When the script is run, the websites repository is updated such that changes is automatically pushed to the webserver.

Whenever I update the source code, I use a Grunt build script, which automatically unit tests my javascript, compiles my SASS/LESS styles, minifies all my source code and adds the dependencies required by the website.

My index.php file then load a Mustache template (index.min.html) which is a minified version of my website. Then it renders the mustache file according to the data required
for the given page, and provides a website with dynamic data.

I really love this new flow of my website and it basically make it so much easier to handle and develop on.

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