Code Updates

The last couple of weeks, I have turned my attension to make the sniff tool work. This has resulted in the script, that is currently being run on my website.

The script is supposed to collect as much data as possible about the client visiting the page, this includes fonts installed on the clients computer, useragent, screen size, geolocation and much of other interesting information.

The script does not save any data yet, as I have not implemented the server-side of the script yet, but my javascript seems to be running fine. My focus has especially been on making it cross-browser compatible, which is a basic requirement for such a tool.

As I collect a lot of data, I exceed the limit of 2000 bit URL's, which require me to do POST request to send the data. Therefore I have implemented AJAX CORS, and furthermore a iframe hack as a fallback. If none of these solution is available, I have to implement something else, like loading of several scripts or images.

I still have to add a few features to the javascript, but the tool is more or less ready to go client-side.

Furthermore I have corrected a list of bugs on my websocket server, such that it runs better when several users are connecting concurrently. It was my friend an classmate Jonas, that made me aware of the problem, when he tried to benchmark the server with some different benchmarking tools.

The tools did not fit exact to the testing of the websocket server, so we agreed on making our own benchmark tool, which we have started as a new Github project. The tool will be written in the google GO language.

As I corrected the bugs that I detected, I came to realize that the whole stucture of the server could use a minor makeover such that it follow more logically. So I have edited this as well.

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