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New Host and Website

My website has changed host and has been rewritten, such that the development flow, source code and design is much nice.
written 27-11-2015 12:52:01, viewed 2093 times.

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localStorage Polyfill V2.0

I have just committed localStorage.js v2.0 on GitHub. A complete rewrite with Unit testing, inheritance etc.
written 19-08-2014 22:14:47, viewed 2487 times.

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localStorage Polyfill

I have just added a new repository on GitHub containing a localStorage polyfill javascript solution.
written 25-02-2014 23:04:54, viewed 2303 times.

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Summer Vacation

Finally it is time to relax and enjoy the summer, which is hopefully gonna be sunny and warm. My summer will include a visit at my folks back home, a vacation to Alanya, Turkey and hopefully a lot of awesome code!
written 27-06-2013 12:21:08, viewed 2459 times.

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Frontpage Updates

Today I have updated my frontpage a bit. This has resulted in a new news system, and better looking URL's. Furthermore I now handle 404 pages better.
written 19-05-2013 20:32:22, viewed 2515 times.

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